I’m Azad Singh and 9 years ago I made a conscious decision to change for the better.

train and transform2As a 47kg kid at the age of 15, I couldn’t say I was into muscles, working out or anything of that sort. Sure I loved sports, you couldn’t pay me to get off the football and cricket pitches.

It was my father who pushed me into the working out, wanted me to add some size. He had me do conventional ‘Desi’ or Indian style training which involved press-ups, squats and a load of stair sprints.

I’d be crying whilst doing my sets, hated every minute of it. Looking back, it was the foundation of an increased work capacity, and I learnt a lot in the process.

I saw great progress, around 18 months later I was lifting all of the plates on a home gym system we bought and was running out of motivation on my stair shuttles as it didn’t challenge me anymore. Needless to say I outgrew my home setup.

In December of 2008, whilst in college, I joined a local gym. This would be my second home for the next two years and I never looked back since.


Whilst working hard on my own goals and doing my degree, I completed my studies to become a qualified personal trainer. Now I want to help others achieve their goals, and experience the benefits that enhanced fitness bring.

Fitness has always been my passion so I decided to use my skillset and expertise to do something I find deeply rewarding – to help others achieve their fitness goals. I genuinely believe personal training is the answer.

I have helped hundreds of people worldwide progress with their fitness journeys whether that means fat loss, enhancing sports performance, building strength or packing on some muscle mass. I take pride in offering a tailored service and try to offer a suitable solution which fits around your lifestyle based upon the science.

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Facts On Fitness

I also run an educational fitness page on Instagram @FactsOnFitness

I research and create content for this page on a daily basis and continue to expand my knowledge base in doing so.

Facts On Fitness was set up in April of 2014 to help inspire the #Fitfam around the world, giving them tips, facts and general inspirational posts related to fitness. My social media growth exploded and I now have over 100,000 followers worldwide AND GROWING…

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