I can help you get leaner and stronger

For the last 5 years I have been helping Indians around the world achieve their fitness goals. Check out my clients results and testimonials. I’ve also been putting out fitness content educating people for several years. You can check out my blog or my Instagram page (where I’m most active).

I read about exercise and nutrition daily and have been training for 11 years. This is why I have over 50,000 followers and have been featured on popular fitness publications like Men’s Fitness. I draw upon over a decades worth of experience to educate clients and help them reach their fitness goals.

Azad has completely transformed my life physically and how I see food, his constant attention to detail and regular phone calls and WhatsApp messages have kept me enthusiastic and pushed me to my limits time and time again.

Tirath Singh / Birmingham

I have learnt a lot during our catch ups and am pleased with how I’m edging closer to my goal. Overall Azad is a very humble, supportive and knowledgeable PT who will guide you in reaching your fitness goals using sensible methods.

Amarjot Singh / London

From the moment I talked to Azad, I knew he was a person that would help change my life for the better. I have been challenged and pushed by him, and he has taught me a great deal. He makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals.

Preeti Kang / California

So what exactly is online coaching?

Having an experienced coach can help remove the guesswork from your journey and save you a load of time and money.

We’ve all been there, in the gym unsure what to do and finding ourselves demotivated wihout progress. We can waste so much time trying to figure things out for ourselves, I did for years! Having direct access to my expertise and my inbox you’ll accelerate your results and the learning process.

Online coaching is a way for me to offer my clients exactly what they need, wherever they are in the world, at a more cost effective price than in-person training. It involves comprehensive training, nutrition and supplement guidance with communication over Skype, Email or instant messaging.

Want to see more client results and testimonials?

What you get...

– Tailored workout program (designed specifically for you, to challenge you, this evolves every month)
– Technique videos (each exercise I suggest comes with a how to perform video)
– Nutrition guidance (I’ve helped vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, and omnivores)
– Supplement guidance (I’ll tell you where you should save your money and what’s actually good)
– We speak weekly (you have unlimited access to my inbox, I’m in your corner to help you along the way)
– Amazing results (first and foremost you’re paying for results)
– Education (weekly released content to give you the knowledge to stay in shape long term)
– Technique guidance on lifts (I improve your technique through video analysis to maximise results)

Fitness Consultation
One off fee. Consultations last 60 minutes (available in English or Punjabi).
1 to 1 Skype consultation to go over the best way to reach your goals. I provide training and nutrition guidance for anyone interested in losing weight, building muscle and building strength.
All of the answers to your questions will be research-backed and from my 10 years of experience.
You will receive a follow-up email detailing what we talked about, and my recommendations.
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The skype consultation with Azad was brilliant. He was very engaging, well informed, and really dug down into the details about my fitness quest. I personally really enjoyed the conversation – this is a man you want to work with. Highly recommended, he really helped me out.

Hardeep Singh
Basic coaching
Per Month
Initial Skype consultation
Tailored workout program
Personalised nutrition guidance (calorie and macro calculations)
Unlimited support (Email)
We speak monthly (Skype/Phone)
let's do this
premium coaching
Per Month
Initial Skype consultation
Tailored workout program
Personalised nutrition guidance (calorie and macro calculations)
Unlimited support (Email + WhatsApp)
We speak biweekly (Skype/Phone)
Video technique analysis
let's do this

what is the process exactly?

– First you’ll make an order for the coaching package which suits you
– You’ll then fill in a thorough 30-item questionnaire
– I’ll write to you to ask for some pictures and measurements
– We will then organise a Skype consultation to go over your goals and lifestyle in a little more in depth
– I will then create a tailored workout program and nutrition guidance for you within 48 hours
– We then check in weekly and make adjustments as needed
– Every other week or every month (depending on which package you opt for) we catch up on Skype