Get leaner, stronger, and build better habits for life.

For the last 3 years I have been helping people achieve their fitness goals. Check out my clients results and testimonials. I’ve also been putting out fitness content educating people for several years. You can check out my blog or my Instagram page (where I’m most active).

I’ve been training for 10 years and I read exercise and nutrition research on a daily basis. It’s the reason I have over 150,000 followers and have been featured on popular fitness publications like Men’s Fitness.

Now that’s all out of the way, what is online coaching?

Online coaching is a way for me to offer my clients exactly what they need, wherever they are in the world, usually at a more cost effective price than in-person training. It involves communication over Skype, email or instant messaging.

Having an experienced coach can help remove the guesswork from your journey and save you a load of time and money. I personally wish I was coached by someone in my early years, I could have reached my goals much quicker.

What you get…

– Tailored workout routines (designed to challenge you, for any level)
– Nutrition guidance (I’ve helped vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, and omnivores)
– We speak weekly (I’m in your corner to help you along the way)
– Amazing results (first and foremost you’re paying for results)
– Education (the knowledge to staying in shape long term)
– Technique guidance on lifts (through video analysis)

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Client Testimonials

  • Working with Azad has been a great experience. I’ve never seen the results I’m currently seeing, very effective workouts (only 3 days per week)! Azad is super friendly, welcoming and is always there to help out whenever needed which is rare to find online.

    Harvinder Nijjar
  • The Skype consultation with Azad was brilliant. He was very engaging, well informed, and really dug down into the details about my fitness quest. I really enjoyed the conversation – this is a man you want to work with. Highly recommended, he really helped me out.

    Hardeep Manic
  • I’ve been working out for 2 years and lost 35 kg. I was satisfied with my gym routine but wanted further advice. After this 90 min session with Azad, there is no doubt that he has vast knowledge about exercises, diets and scientific reasons behind them. He put me on the right path according to my body type and eating habits.

    Jeevtesh Arora
  • My Skype session with Azad was extremely useful. I was given workout and nutrition guidance which was easy to understand and follow considering my busy schedule. Azad was clear with why I wasn’t achieving my goals and was open to any questions I had.

    Harmit Kalsi
  • I really appreciate how Azad listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed a varied and challenging workout regime for me to follow. He is such a knowledgeable and personable personal trainer that I trust and value his guidance to drive me forward.

    Navreet Singh
  • Just would like to thank you Azad for your diet guidance and training plans. It was difficult to get my head around transitioning to veganism and a new lifestyle but 6 months on I feel great! Really happy with my strength and achieving approx 8% body fat.

    Gopal Singh
  • As a vegetarian I struggled with nutrition. I approached Azad who helped. I felt strong, energised and was finally able to recover from workouts. The meals and the workouts not only led to fat loss but lowered my blood pressure to the normal range (family condition).

    Karanvir Singh
  • I just wanted to thank you for the great meal plan and macros help. I’ve followed it for a week now and can notice a huge difference already. I feel more energized during my workouts and through out the day. I’ve cut down on coffee as it feels like I have enough energy from the meals. Also, your workout recommendations were great.

    Sukh Dhatt
  • I found the plan designed by you to be very informative and detailed. Overall it was well a rounded program. I have lost a lot of body fat and inchess off my waist! In terms of training my energy is up and my strength is up too so thats a huge positive!

    Jay Raval
  • Knowledge on body building is so vast and varied that it becomes nearly impossible to know what is right for you. It comes with years of experience, especially with an Indian diet, but Azad effortlessly filled that gap for me. I got a clear picture on where I stand.

    Akash Tanwar
  • I must admit I was super impressed by the level of detail and effort Azad put into it. It was very customized to my needs and completely doable. Finally with drumrolls…this morning I weighed 96.3 Kgs on my scale! Down from 102kg when I filled in the questionnaire. All thanks to Azad! I’m super charged right now.

    Jasmeet Nahal
  • After a 90 minute Skype session with Azad Singh, there is no second opinion that he is among the best with vast knowledge about all the exercises, diets and scientific reasons behind them. He put me on the right path according to my body type and eating habits.

    Jeevtesh Singh
  • Anup is showing more mass and definition which is good to see and this is my first week of training too. I am enjoying it alot. The programme is designed very well and I really appreciate all the effort gone into it. – Sewa Bhullar (one of two brothers I work with). 

    Anup & Sewa B
  • Thank you for the online coaching help Azad. You have helped me tremendously with my confidence, with starting to use free weights primarily and with changing my diet. The plans and the support service were both great.

    Jairaj Singh
  • Azad, firstly I would like to start by saying thank you for all your help over the last few months, it has been greatly appreciated – more than words can express!! I have recommended you to friends  as family as they have been questioning what I have been doing to lose weight. I have just got a new job and feel amazing going in!

    Nevinder G
  • As a busy businessman and vegetarian Azad was able to help me with nutrition as well as short and fun workouts to release stress and reduce body fat. Bring on the muscle and strength phase!

    Visith A
  • Everything was amazing, it was a pleasure working with Azad. Exercises were new to me and challenging too. I managed to put on muscle before university started! Really appreciate the help.

    Angad M
  • 16 Weeks in with Azad. What a transforming experience! I have never felt this fit and active. It is worth every penny and drop of sweat. Thank you Azad for showing me a whole new way to exercise 🙂

    Angadbir G
  • 4 months in and 13kg lighter! I’ve always found it difficult to lose fat. Azad is an amazing personal trainer and is passionate about what he does. So far Azad hasn’t let me down. Delighted with my results so far – highly recommended service.

    Manvir H
  • Not only were his plans well designed and structured, he also gave me
    amazing recipes which I put to use for myself and my family straight
    away, way to go Azad!

    Paul C
  • Azad first advised me to start working out and eating right when I had high low energy and high cholesterol. After a year under his guidance I was off statins and revealed my ABS. I’m now 52 and it’s the first time I’ve seen them!

    Pal A
  • It can be hard as a vegetarian. Aza really helped me with a fun vegetarian diet and good workout programme. I was previously on and off training, I’m now deadlifting 180kg and stronger than ever!

    R Singh
  • I have been working out around Azad for a few years. His knowledge and methods have helped me to get stronger, healthier and look better. Great trainer and he taught me Legs101 (personal joke).

    P Thandi
  • I met Azad at the gym before work and didn’t know what he did until I found him online. I’ve always loved working out but never really knew what I was doing. Azad fine tuned my sessions and gave me home workouts and I’m seeing amazing progress!

  • Prior to creating my plan, Azad asked me a number of questions in order to understand my goal and what my current situation was. By asking the right questions he was able to create a personalised nutrition and workout plan for me which was easy to follow. Overall I felt the service Azad provided did exceed my expectations.

    Jagjot Sandhu
  • Prior to speaking to Azad, I was skeptical about online personal training, however my thoughts changed after a good chat with him. As a vegetarian with certain allergies, Azadbir was able to tailor my nutrition plan that was perfect for me. Azad is very supportive and is always happy to answer any questions that may arise.

    Ricky T
  • Me and Azad met at the local 24h gym (6am crew) and ended up training together for over a year. I went from being 103kg and ignoring my shape to being 78kg and fairly ripped! Azad is amazing to work with and great to bounce ideas off.

    Sunny Johal
  • Azad was supportive and very happy to talk things over and answer my questions. I am overweight and didn’t have the confidence to begin the journey. Within four weeks I felt empowered, my confidence increased as I was eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly! Can’t wait to see what a few months with Azad’s support brings!

    Sukh Kaur

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My own fitness journey

I’ve always been playing sports since a very early age. It wasn’t until I reached high school when I was regularly doing circuit training at school and was pushed to workout at home by my father. A former wrestler and kabaddi player in Punjab. I was doing a DESI form of training, stair shuttles, press-ups and sit-ups mainly. After a few months of crying and fighting it, I started to see some results and began to enjoy it. Never looked back since. We then got a home gym system and some weights. It took me a year to lift  everything, then I decided to join a gym in December 2008 (aged 17) which was my official start of weight training.

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Do you want to go through life or grow through life?

Coaching Packages

Skype Consultation
1 to 1 Skype consultation to go over the best way to reach your goals. I provide training and nutrition guidance for anyone interested in losing weight, building muscle and building strength.
Calls will last for 60 minutes (available in both English and Punjabi) and you will receive a follow-up email detailing what we talked about, and my recommendations.
I will answer any questions you may have about fitness with research-backed information and from my 10 years of experience.
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£159 every 8 weeks
Initial Skype consultation
Personalised workout plan to follow
Personalised nutrition guidance (calorie calculations)
Fitness tips personalised for you
Unlimited support (Email)

Pricing for coaching is subject to change based on client demand. I work with a limited amount of deluxe clients so I’m able to be available for everyone. Look at how much you save compared to 1-to-1 personal training in the gym which can charge around £100 for a few hours in the gym!

What is the process exactly?

–          First you’ll make an order for the package which suits you
–          You’ll then fill in a thorough 30-item questionnaire
–          I’ll also ask for some pictures and measurements
–          We will then organise a Skype consultation to go over your goals in a little more in depth
–          I will then create a tailored workout routine and nutrition guidance for you
–          We then stay in touch and make adjustments as needed