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Soreness Isn’t the One

“Azad, do you mind altering the Tuesday workout. I didn’t feel ANYTHING the next day, [...]

Why You Should Focus on Your NEAT

There is a lot of emphasis placed upon getting to the gym and working out. [...]

Eat 1 Less Roti a Day – Small Change, Big Impact

If you can find a way to decrease caloric intake without feeling like crap, your [...]

Should You Lift with Light Weights or Heavy Weights?

There’s no such thing as light weight – you should always lift heavy and challenge [...]

The Most Important Dieting Word Nobody Mentions – Adherence

Adherence is a term you’ve probably never heard of before. But if I said to [...]

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Checklists for Optimal Results & Celebrating Small Wins

Some Context I’m sharing these because it’s important for you to understand what’s in your [...]

The Only Home Workout Routine You’ll Ever Need

What you’ll need: A mindset for self improvement Some resistance bands (super cheap and lightweight [...]


A Case for Protein Shakes

I’ve been thinking about my protein intake a lot recently. It probably falls within the [...]


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