General FAQs

What is online personal training and how does it work?

Online personal training is a fairly new phenomenon in the fitness world. These days everything can be bought online and we are used to quick purchases, the fitness world has followed.

Instead of one to one training with me, I send you a tailored workout plan, meal plans and tips. You then go out and make it a part of your lifestyle whilst keeping in touch to show me your progress.

It saves me on a lot of time and logistics issues and allows me to have a far wider outreach so I can help everyone worldwide.

How do you ensure all plans are unique and tailored?

Upon choosing and buying a package you will be asked to fill in a thorough questionnaire. This will include 30 items. The questionnaire will cover most of your current lifestyle choices, training experience, likes, dislikes and goals etc.

From there we will go through a Skype consultation so I can ensure I have all the information I need. It gives us a chance to get some facetime too to go over expectations.

I have designed 100’s of routines and can honestly say not one has been repeated. Everybody has different requirements, I have worked with a vast range of people including calisthenics guys, weightlifters, marathon runners, hockey athletes, obese individuals and female figure competitors, all of which had very different requirements.

I pride myself on being able to cater a suitable programme for you and your needs.

How quickly can I expect a response by email?

I reply back ASAP really. There should be a response within 24 hours taking into account time difference for people accross the world too.

What are the differences between the packages on offer?

Both the premium and deluxe packages offer tailored plans and tips. The key differences is the level of support.

The premium package includes email support. All communication will be email based.

Whilst the deluxe package includes whatsapp and calls for more of an intimate journey. This also has the benefit of video technique analysis for those in need of it.

There is no difference between the level of quality of the information I provide for either.

What are your qualifications Azad?

I am a qualified Gym Instructor (level 2), qualified Personal Trainer (level 3), Nutritional Advisor and I studied A-Level Physical Education at college.

I read up on health, fitness, bodybuilding and strength training daily as research for my page @FactsOnFitness on instagram.

I also have an unrelated degree in BA (Hons) Architecture.

What payment options are available to make a payment/how do I pay?

The preferred payment method at this moment is via PayPal. It is simple to set up if you don’t have an account or you can pay as a guest as long you have a credit/debit card.

Follow the onscreen instructions after you choose the desired package and you will be sent to the paypal checkout.

Do I need to be from the UK to become a client?

No. I can work with anyone worldwide. All you need is an internet connection, an email account at the very least and a hunger to reach your goals.


Do I need to have a gym membership to complete the workouts?

Not necessarily. Plans I create for you can be tailored for workout at home, in the gym, the park or literally anywhere you feel comfortable.

What happens if I’m not happy with the services or my results?

I’m so confident in my abilities to help you reach your goals that I offer a full money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with results or my services.

As long as you’re willing to work hard in and out of the gym there should be no problem.

Azad’s FAQs

What got you into training?

I’ve always been playing sports since a very early age. It wasn’t until I reached high school when I was regularly doing circuit training at school and was pushed to workout at home by my father.

A former wrestler and kabaddi player in Punjab. I was doing a DESI form of training, stair shuttles, pressups, squats and situps mainly.

After a few months of crying and fighting it, I started to see some results and began to enjoy it. Never looked back since. We then got a home gym system and some weights.

It took me a year to lift everything, then I decided to join a gym in December 2008 (aged 17) which was my official start of weight training.

What motivates you daily?

You could say I’m an endorphin junkie! I love the feeling of walking out of the gym with your insides feeling as good as I feel and look on the outside. It brings me energy, confidence and I believe I win a battle everyday.

To this day every time I wake up the voice in my head says ‘ah leave it today, take a rest day’.

As soon as I hear that I get up, get ready and go gym. I won’t let it beat me!

Also I listen to motivational speeches every single morning whilst reading mainly motivational books at night, I’m quite a driven individual as a result.

What are your goals?

Well there is no such thing as a perfect body. But my body is a sculpture and I will continue crafting for as long as I can. The simple answer is a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I love to lift weights, be strong and look good so I want to keep doing so and continuing to improve.

Current best lifts/Shows of strength/What can you do?

I’m a massive strength enthusiast. My personal best lifts include a 180kg squat, 225kg deadlift, 120kg pause bench press and 100kg clean and jerk.

I also have a personal best of 35 pullups, 12 muscle ups, 75 pressups and 15 pistol squats (on one leg)!

I have rope-pulled a 2.5 ton army truck over 25m in 31 seconds and can sprint down a track with 60kg dumbbells in each hand (farmers walk).

I don’t just want the power or the look. I want a totally healthy and functional body. So I regularly play sports and do extra activities. These include yoga, table tennis, badminton, football and jumping on a trampette.

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