I’m Azad Singh, personal trainer and vegan fitness enthusiast. My aim is to put the personal back into online personal training.

Putting the personal back into online personal training…

I hope to give you the individual touch that you deserve, we are all different after all! Being around the industry for over 7 years I have had the chance to study all aspects of health and fitness whilst actually trying out methods I learnt about.

There’s nothing more off-putting than a personal trainer who doesn’t have the dedication to apply to themselves. I practice and I preach (to the best of my ability).

I refuse to become a machine that churns out and dishes generic workouts and eating plans which I expect to be followed blindly (even though that is the easier method)! The package I provide will be YOU-CENTRIC.

It will work around your lifestyle/current conditions and hopefully you will be armed with the knowledge and know-how to stay with it in the long run.

I have built my reputation achieving great results for many people with food restrictions (vegetarians, vegans and other more sensitive restrictions) specifically with people of the Asian background.

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let’s talk about you…

Want to take that step to a healthier version of yourself? Maybe you are channeling your efforts down the wrong road, lack motivation or are unhappy with results.

Email me today and I’ll get back to you straight away with steps I’d encourage you to take should you join my online personal training services.

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