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/ Tirath Singh

My fitness journey started after years of binging and FAD diets that just didn’t work and looking at my body and thinking Oh My God I’m going to be 40 and I hate my body …….. I wanted and needed a complete mindset change and transformation of my idea of fitness and my dietary requirements.

Azad has completely transformed my life physically and how I see food, his constant attention to detail and regular phone calls and what’s app messages have kept me enthusiastic and pushed me to my limits time and time again.

I have shredded my waist line from 38 inches down to a respectful 32 inches, gone from a large to small in clothes, my muscular gains and endurance have gone through the roof, which has helped me in every day life and also let me continue playing my favourite sport football at a good level.

I would like to thank Azad not for just helping me physically get the body I always craved and wanted, but also he has helped me mentally and emotionally. I have suffered from anxiety and depression since my teenage years, having the support and guidance has given me the building blocks to overcome those dark days.

Here’s to another year of incredible gains and a fabulous 2020, instead of creeping towards my 40th and dreading it, I can’t wait for that magical land mark in my life, bouncing into it like a big KID ….. bring it on with all that I am !!! 👊🏽

/ Sonam Vaghani

If you are looking for results without having to go on fad diets and getting confused with all the BS all over the internet this is your man! He focusses on the basics and keeps things simple and makes you achieve results.

By keeping things simple I don’t mean easy workouts. My body cries, but that’s the fat crying 😆 and I absolutely love it. I had plateaued with my weight loss but he got me past that plateau. I am fitter, stronger and leaner than I have ever been in my life. And all this in just 8 weeks. I wonder how will happen when I continue. I just renewed my membership with him and I cant wait for the next phase. 💪🏻

/ Manvir Jhutty

Wow since I’ve been working with Azad I have never felt better. I have lost up to 60 pounds (27kg) since I joined up with him and have increased my strength tenfold. Azad has been really patient with me and very informative about diet and exercise. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to recreate themselves into something better.

Manvir is a vegetarian who has struggled with weight loss in the past, despite being highly active with martial arts. We focused on resistance training, with a primary intention of improving technique and mobility. This not only had a great carryover to martial arts which was noticed by his coach but meant great strength gains in the gym. Manvir has hit a 230kg + deadlift during his cut! Manvir lost an incredible 20kg over the course of 3 phases (6 months) and is currently on a diet break because of studies.

/ Lovepreet Singh

Azad’s guidance has been extremely useful. My workout plan was tailored to my goals and my long term plans. We’ve been working hard towards more muscle mass and strength with mini cuts in between too. Azad has always been able to point me in the right direction and is very clear with instructions. The workouts can be tough and tiring but the results become visible after a few weeks.

Lovepreet has been killing all of the goals we’ve set. The picture above represents around 3 phases (6 months) of muscle building, whilst actually getting leaner. Lovepreet gained size over the upper body and arms whilst losing inches off the waist. In that time span strength and movement also improved massively and as Lovepreet is local we were able to work on technique on the squat and deadlift on a session in the gym.

/ Gurdeep Sidhu

I took a 6 month break from weight training due to being bored. It just wasn’t stimulating me as it used to and I just didnt feel motivated by it anymore. I needed something fresh to help get me back into training, something more functional with a good veg diet as I was transitioning to being vegetarian!

Azad was just the man for the job! I have begun training more mindfully and enjoying my sessions again. I have made more gains in the mindset sense. One aim was to be able to do push ups and it was one that I hit within just a few weeks of starting! I did 10 proper reps! Azad has so much knowledge on how the body moves and making adjustments to help you get the most out of your workouts! Thank you for the wonderful conversations, training and veg recipes! 🙌🏽😊

Gurdeep is someone who has previously competed in a figure competition, she’s done incredibly well but found herself in a training slump. She needed variety, new challenges and guidance on vegetarian nutrition as someone who previously had a very typical bodybuilding style diet. Our goal was simple, to keep bodyweight the same, transition to vegetarian and to get stronger whilst moving better. I set simple challenges like achieving push-ups and being able to do an overhead squat which she was super motivated to achieve. Her weight was pretty much stationary (only a 0.7kg loss) but she lost 1.5 inches from the waist and gained half an inch across the hips and thighs. We were both super happy with muscle being built in the right areas! She also hit a PB of 10 pushups just weeks in.

/ Jay Raval

I found the plan designed by Azad to be very informative and detailed, the recipe ideas were great, I was able to follow them with ease. Overall it was well rounded program. The fitness tips were really good I have incorporated many of them on a daily basis. One thing I am trying to get used to is keeping a track of the weights I lift as I am not used to doing this but will keep trying.

Jay is a student from Australia who had little free time because of part time work too. After our consultation it was pretty clear we needed small tweaks to exercise and nutrition which would have a big impact. Jay was able to meet protein needs as a vegetarian and still enjoy his favourite Indian dishes too, something his family were really happy with. Jay was able to drastically reduce his body fat percentage whilst making great progress in the gym on his lifts just by focusing on the basics and getting stronger weekly.

/ Gopal Takhar

Just would like to thank you for your nutrition guidance and training plans. It was the first time I have dieted down as a Vegan and I’m happy with my results achieving approximately 8% body fat. I now know what to do when wanting to achieve a lean look or developing muscle mass on a vegan diet.

Gopal, 40, annually gets in shape for summer as a personal challenge. He was interested in turning Vegan and has previous experiences of losing muscle and strength during his efforts even on a high protein meat based diet. He came to me at 18% body fat and we cut down to 8% with an emphasis on maintaining muscle and actually building up his weak points (mainly legs). He was delighted with how he felt and his strength and has been vegan since!

/ Preeti Kang

From the moment I talked to Azad, I knew he was a person that would help change my life for the better. I have been challenged and pushed by him, and he has taught me a great deal. He makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals. I have been very impressed by his passion to help clients, his knowledge and his ability to connect with his clients. Now I can’t even afford losing him!

Preeti was on a weight loss journey for a while before approaching me but was struggling with her protein intake as a vegetarian and needed an intro into resistance training. Over the last 6 months we have been able to get comfortable with lifting, have conquered push-ups and learnt how to squat and deadlift safely. Preeti has done all of this whilst continuing to get leaner and enjoying Indian foods. She is also eating more, something she was scared to do initially. Her relationship with food has improved massively.

/ Harmit Kalsi

My initial consultation was extremely useful. I was given workout and nutrition guidance which was easy to understand. Azad was clear with why I wasn’t achieving my training goals and was open to any questions I had. It was good to know that I can enjoy my food while achieving the desired results.

Upon receiving my plans, I feel more energetic right away and I have been going up with weights I lift every week for each of the exercises. I can feel my strength going up and can definitely see more size coming. Overall with more core exercises I feel alot stronger and definitely enjoying doing these.

Harmit approached me wanting to gain muscle size and strength but wasn’t looking after some of the basics like eating enough, getting adequate rest and training fundamentals like progressive overload. Once I designed a structured routine and helped with technique results were visible weekly. Harmit, despite eating a lot more than before (and enjoying it), didn’t gain much body fat at all and was really pleased with the progress.

/ Jasdeep Narang

Mentorship & guidance is underrated. If you come in with an I know it all attitude, you can see results but rest assured your ROI is not being maximized. It’s been amazing having Azad’s guidance and mentorship available throughout this whole process. Currently I’m at the strongest I’ve ever been and I’m totally fired up!

Jasdeep has been a pleasure to work with. He is very attentive to detail and always up for the next challenge. He is currently around 12kg in bodyweight down with a loss of 5 inches off the waist too! Not only are these numbers impressive but his strength gains have been epic too. He has been racking up PB (personal best) after PB.

/ Rajinder Singh

As a track and field athlete I was struggling with diet and strength training. Since working with Azad my performance has dramatically increased. I appreciate the amount of attention He paid to me with my training plan and for the tips given to me to be a better athlete. I have had great results and I look forward to continued work with Azad.

Rajinder was somebody transitioning from long distance running into sprinting. He required a strength based routine with full guidance as he was a complete beginner. From the comfort of his own home gym we have increased muscle mass, got him leaner and improved his running times significantly!

/ Varun

I have seen improvements in size, strength and one rep maxes. I’m also able to do pull-ups now which I’m super pumped about.

/ Taryam Boyd

Everything has been going great and I owe a massive amount of it to you. You sent me a DM saying you hoped I was in a better place and it really stayed with me, helped me get a handle on myself and kickstarted my journey. This is the progress I’ve made since late last year and I still refer to your guidance and advice. Still a little bit away from that six pack, but not far!

Taryam was someone who struggled with consistency in the gym. This led to many failed attempts to get lean. Taryam is a vegan so we worked closely on nutrition. Understanding how to eat in a deficit but be flexible played a big role in his ability to be consistent and to find something he could adhere to.

/ Samandeep Singh

Samandeep and I have been working together for over 2 years. In that time we have been focused on muscle building mainly through the use of his own bodyweight (calisthenics). His goals are more more performance based. He has been competing in spartan races, other endurance events and hiking around the world too! It has been incredible to see him go from doing no pull-ups to now double digits!

/ Mani Hayre

4 months in and 13kg lighter! I’ve always found it difficult to lose fat. Azad is an amazing personal trainer and is passionate about what he does. Azad hasn’t let me down, delighted with my results so far – highly recommended service.

Mani is one of the most dedicated guys I’ve ever worked with. After giving up competitive martial arts he got out of shape and wanted to get fit again. Through a calorie deficit with high protein, we focused in the gym on explosive movements targeted at strength building and fat loss. He continued to lose 0.5kg – 1kg fat per week for months on end!

More recently he’s gone meat free and focused on strength building. His deadlift one rep max has gone from 200kg to 250kg now!

/ Keshav

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