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British Asian Podcast – Azad Singh

I love podcasts! I listen to them daily in the car or during work hours. It was amazing to be featured on one with Sat Mann who hosts the British Asian Podcast (http://www.britishasianpodcast.com) We discuss everything from how I got started with fitness, social media, veganism and my experience training people. You can hear it […]

VegPlanet Magazine Interview – Azad Singh

So, I was interviewed and featured in an Indian magazine catering for vegetarians and vegans. You can subscribe and read more over at – www.vegplanet.in. Here is the VegPlanet interview. Name: Azadbir Singh AthwalAge: 25Sex: MaleProfession: Personal Trainer 1. Why did you, as a bodybuilder, quit meat & dairy products and become a vegan? I […]

Interview – Sikh Bodybuilding

The interview is for sociological research which attempts to look at Sikh identity and Masculinity through a study of Sikh Bodybuilding and Gym Culture among Sikh men. Thanks to Amanjit Kaur Ahuja for approaching me and allowing me to use the content of the interview.       What motivated you to start going to […]