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The Most Important Dieting Word Nobody Mentions – Adherence

Adherence is a term you’ve probably never heard of before. But if I said to you your success dieting was all down to adherence, does that make it sound more important?  Adherence is essentially your ability to stick to something. So dietary adherence is your ability to stick to your diet and it’s highly important. […]

A Case for Protein Shakes

I’ve been thinking about my protein intake a lot recently. It probably falls within the 1.6g – 2.2g per KG bodyweight range daily but isn’t where it should be at the upper end of that range. That’s how you should be looking at these ranges if you don’t eat animal products, you should be aiming […]

Incorporate Roti Into Your Fitness Journey

You may have read my previous article about roti. If not you can read it here. Unfortunately there’s still a huge stigma around eating roti whilst being on a fitness journey. ‘you can’t eat roti because it’s all carbs’ ‘I had double butter chicken (or daal makhani) instead and left the rotiya because, you know… […]