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The Most Important Dieting Word Nobody Mentions – Adherence

Adherence is a term you’ve probably never heard of before. But if I said to you your success dieting was all down to adherence, does that make it sound more important?  Adherence is essentially your ability to stick to something. So dietary adherence is your ability to stick to your diet and it’s highly important. […]

Checklists for Optimal Results & Celebrating Small Wins

Some Context I’m sharing these because it’s important for you to understand what’s in your hands and what isn’t. You hitting 10,000 steps today or 120g protein is totally in your hands. Losing 5kg fat in a month isn’t necessarily. It’s really important you are able to check your efforts against a list so you […]

Common Conversations I have

The following are common conversations I have had with people about reaching their fitness goals.     The guy who can’t gain any weight. (assuming they’re already weight training and trying to gain muscle)   Guy: I just can’t gain any weight.   Azad: No problem, I’m sure I can help, how does your current […]

The Number On The Scale Isn’t Everything

For years I’ve been encouraging people that the number on the scale isn’t everything. This is usually something I say once clients ring me concerned about not moving on scale weight on this weeks weigh in. I encourage them, explain the possibilities and the fact there’s much more to look at. Hopefully they leave the […]

My Client Jatin’s Journey

Ever since being a qualified personal trainer I’ve worked with numerous people, both one to one and online, who have had confidence issues in their personal life as well as in the gym. My client Jatin was no different.   We actually met through one of his friends and roommates who was already my client […]

Get Leaner This Summer With These 5 Tips

Summer is here and most of your reading this are probably in pursuit of getting leaner for a holiday or event. Not ideal, it’s kinda late. Getting lean (reducing your body fat percentage) should be an endeavour you’re always working on regardless of season, however here’s 5 tips to help you get leaner this summer. […]

Want Instant Results?

Our minds have become fine tuned towards instant results and instant outcomes, unfortunately the same can’t apply for instant health and fitness. Living in a modern, digital and generally fast-paced time we have become accustomed to getting things we expect quite instantaneously. Especially if we look at things in context at a wider time scale. […]