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Eat 1 Less Roti a Day – Small Change, Big Impact

If you can find a way to decrease caloric intake without feeling like crap, your chances of success are greater because it’ll be easier to stick with it over the long run. – Christian Thibaudeau Let’s suppose someone eats 3 Rotiya every night as part of their family meal and they have a few pounds […]

Reflecting On 8 Years In The Gym

I began working out in a gym in December of 2008. I’ve tried many things, made mistakes, learnt a lot, got qualifications and even found a passion and living from the gym. Recently I’ve been reflecting on 8 years in the gym and everything I’ve experienced, hopefully you’ll pick up a thing or two. Ever […]

The Worst Routine I’ve Ever Created!

As a personal trainer I’ve designed many routines and plans. In excess of hundreds! I don’t know how other strength coaches or trainers feel but I find it quite hard to program for myself. This brings me onto this squat everyday routine that I created (and did for quite a while before giving it up). […]

7 Things I’d Go Back and Tell Beginner Azad

There are things we can all look back and say we did wrong. Call it the power of hindsight. The beauty of consulting a strength coach or personal trainer is not only are they qualified, but they’ve hopefully been through more training experience and have had more sets and reps of hindsight. I know I […]