Morning Workouts

I love getting my workouts done in the morning despite it not being optimal based on the science for performance and strength.
It’s one of the choices I’ve made which aren’t consistent with the research. But I love morning workouts!
For me it began when I was in sixth form (college level study) and we had early starts there at 8.15am. Evenings were busy with extra curricular activities and studies so me and a few friends decided to wake up early and meet at the gym prior to sixth form.
It was tough in the beginning, felt completely alien, but I haven’t looked back since. Ever since then, in 2013 I have been training in the mornings predominately, even through university.

Here are some of the benefits:

– there’s fewer distractions
– you’re more likely to stay consistent with my routine
– no excuses because of family/commitments
– feel in fifth gear first thing in the morning (before college, university, work etc).
– feel better for the remainder of the day
– encourages good sleeping and waking habits
– no rammed gyms (space to breathe and an abundance of weights)
I just love mornings. Even on non workout days, if I’m not having a lie in to catch up with some GAINS SLEEP I’ll try to get out and get a walk, get back home and do some yoga to aid recovery.
I’m not really trying to sell morning workouts to you, just taking you through why I do them and how they’ve been great for me.
Evening workouts are great too. I come in with way more energy for heavy lifting than I do in mornings and this usually results in lifting slightly more or easily achieving the reps I set out to do normally. The downsides are obviously the crowded gyms and people deciding to do EZ bar curls a couple of feet in front of you whilst you’re trying to clean and jerk a PB.

Take away:

 Find a time which is most suitable for your energy levels (after you get over that first week of hell in mornings) as well as your daily routine and commitments. Ultimately consistent sessions over a long period of time will get you the results you want, regardless of what time of day you go. 
For me it’s easier to fit morning workouts into my routine and I love the euphoric feeling for the rest of the day. 

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