Want Instant Results?

Our minds have become fine tuned towards instant results and instant outcomes, unfortunately the same can’t apply for instant health and fitness.

Living in a modern, digital and generally fast-paced time we have become accustomed to getting things we expect quite instantaneously. Especially if we look at things in context at a wider time scale.

Whether we want a new song, film or want our phones repaired there are processes available to make sure these demands are met with nothing short of Usain Bolt speed. Living in a consumer culture has, maybe unfortunately, fed us the notion of quick results. The problem isn’t the culture, it’s the culture when applied to our own health and fitness journeys.

The sad truth is people who have been sedentary and eating carelessly for prolonged periods of time suddenly feel that they can make choices and fix those wrong-doings in a short time frame. Fitness Magazines and the fitness industry in general only go on to fuel this notion by plastering ‘quick results’ everywhere. Important to note: changes can be made instantly, habits can be formed instantly too but whether they will bring long term linear progress is the question worth asking.

A belly doesn’t just appear suddenly one day, it grows gradually, the results of many bad habits.

Similarly it is not lost overnight, it will gradually decrease as a result of many good habits.

Nothing happens overnight. Whether you want to become successful, start a business or lose weight you must be willing to sacrifice time and hard work. Willing to try again if something fails. Too many times people give up after trying a few weeks at the gym. Fitness and our own journeys shouldn’t be about an end goal, there is no end goal, we should just constantly strive for improvement. That way there is no disappointment, no reason to give up and only positive progress. Besides once you reach one goal, there will only be another. That is the beauty, that is human nature.

Aim to be in it for the long run and not for a short period. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

I always say building the body of your dreams is like becoming a millionaire. Except there is no lottery for your body.

Fast paced society wants fast paced results. I totally get it, I’ve many times been annoyed at express deliveries taking more than 48 hours. We however don’t work in express mode. This is not the way the human body works. The body changes after a prolonged period of time. Expending energy and creating stress to force adaptations. Getting the body out of its comfort zone and climbing out of homeostasis is a challenge within itself. But I challenge you to be in it for the long haul.

If you’re reading this be a fighter not a quitter. Chase long term contentment rather than short term results.

Where do my services fit in?

Well I never have and never will promote instant results. Nor will I in any way over promise even if it means losing potential clients. You will get my full attention based on the package you buy and it will become my job to help you with your health and fitness by being a constant guide and recommending what I feel are the best solutions for you. You will all receive tailored plans to suit your needs and get you to your desired goals (how i feel) at the quickest rate.

Should you go for the premium or deluxe packages you will also have a constant form of contact with me to discuss progress, exercises, meal ideas or anything! I’m pretty easy to talk to and nearly always available. You will get very well designed files (I come from a design background) and I will empower you with the motivation and knowledge to make it work in the long run (whilst offering a helping hand in your journey). I am all about long term healthy lifestyle and not short term miracle work. I will offer no crash courses leaving you in the deep end. I want you to improve in the long run and it is my job to help you do so 🙂


What I expect from clients

If you’re after a fitness model body or ‘you want to look like me’ in 8 weeks, then my services aren’t for you. I expect all clients to:

– be willing to improve

– be able to put in the time (at least a couple of hours a week).

– keep in contact, should you buy premium or deluxe packages (I really want to know how things are going).

– give me 100% (I am more than happy for people to send me their myfitnesspal screenshots, workout logs, progress pics etc) What I don’t want is for someone to not bother with anything and then ask for a refund after the 8 weeks because I haven’t contacted you. I am here.

– Answer the questionnaire as detailed as possible (this will enable me to make everything as tailored as possible).  

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