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Checklists for Optimal Results & Celebrating Small Wins

Some Context I’m sharing these because it’s important for you to understand what’s in your hands and what isn’t. You hitting 10,000 steps today or 120g protein is totally in your hands. Losing 5kg fat in a month isn’t necessarily. It’s really important you are able to check your efforts against a list so you […]

3 Dumb Things I Used to Believe

1) I need to lift in the 8 – 12 rep range for muscle building This is something I actually picked up from my personal trainer course when I got certified and it is something that has only recently been reviewed in some solid research.  The research actually shows this range is much larger than […]

Why I Always Recommend Weight Training

I recently had a conversation with someone about his fitness progress and also asked about his partner and how she was getting on too. She was someone I was working with previously on beginner strength and trying to get used to using weights to help her body composition. She was trying to increase muscle tone […]

Common Conversations I have

The following are common conversations I have had with people about reaching their fitness goals.     The guy who can’t gain any weight. (assuming they’re already weight training and trying to gain muscle)   Guy: I just can’t gain any weight.   Azad: No problem, I’m sure I can help, how does your current […]

Common Fitness Myths Debunked

A significant portion of the time I spend on fitness consultations with people around the world is spent debunking current notions and fitness myths. The beauty of doing so today is that everything can be looked into with a quick google search and there’s plenty of research available on exercise, fitness and nutrition. This is […]

You Are Probably Not Training Optimally

 If you are doing chest on a Monday and following up the rest of the week with a body part split, you are not training in a way that is supported by the latest science as being optimal for muscle and strength building. You’re not training optimally. If you want more out of the time […]

The Only 5 Exercises You Need

So having been in the gym for 8 years now I’m finding that the more experienced I get, the less substance my routines contain. For that and many other reasons I’ve tried to help you with the only 5 exercises you need to get aesthetic and athletic. If you haven’t yet viewed the video check […]

Deadlifts are The KING!

All hail the ? Put down your EZ bar and learn to deadlift correctly. Lifting stuff off the floor is about as real world and applicable as it gets – a basic human movement. Deadlifts are the king and here’s why you should be doing them. Deadlifts. Nothing tests your strength like Deadlifts. Challenging every […]

9 Reasons Why You Aren’t Gaining Muscle

Muscle trouble? Training becoming robotic? There are many benefits associated with achieving slabs of new muscle tissue, making it a desirable choice for many. However it is a long and hard process. Are you having trouble putting on size? Below are 9 reasons why you aren’t gaining muscle. 1. You aren’t lifting heavy weights Needless to […]

7 Reasons to Acquire More Muscle

Despite not being able to last longer than our fatter counterparts through an ice age, in most other scenarios muscles are the answer! Here’s 7 reasons to acquire more muscle. 1. It looks fantastic… Toned – muscle! ‘Toned’, is a word thrown around by many in the health and fitness world, what it actually refers […]