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Why I Always Recommend Weight Training

I recently had a conversation with someone about his fitness progress and also asked about his partner and how she was getting on too. She was someone I was working with previously on beginner strength and trying to get used to using weights to help her body composition. She was trying to increase muscle tone […]

The Number On The Scale Isn’t Everything

For years I’ve been encouraging people that the number on the scale isn’t everything. This is usually something I say once clients ring me concerned about not moving on scale weight on this weeks weigh in. I encourage them, explain the possibilities and the fact there’s much more to look at. Hopefully they leave the […]

You Are Probably Not Training Optimally

┬áIf you are doing chest on a Monday and following up the rest of the week with a body part split, you are not training in a way that is supported by the latest science as being optimal for muscle and strength building. You’re not training optimally. If you want more out of the time […]