Abs In 30 Seconds!

I love to share new things I’ve discovered with you all and this time it’s an intense ab exercise.

You may have read my article on the GO HARD method to ABS which I recommend you try out for 8 weeks, if you haven’t seen it, read it here.

The exercise I’m going to propose today is one you can perform at the end of each and every one of your gym sessions. It’s the hanging knee raise hold and it looks like this:

The main aim is to hold the raised knee position for as long as possible with a weight plate placed on top of your thighs. Ideally you’ll use a bumper plate, the size of it will be comfortable and my advice is to start light.

You should complete a 10 second hold only (maintaining position).

Exercise Tips:

  1. No swinging on the bar
  2. Keep those knees raised
  3. The top of your thighs should be parallel to the ground
  4. Countdown from 10 (no cheating) 

If the hold was easy then increase the weight next set. You will complete 3 ten second holds with just 30 seconds of rest in between.

I know what some of you are thinking, thankfully I won’t be able to try this because I don’t have a workout partner to place weights on my thighs. Unfortunately for you this move can be performed without a workout partner and here is how:

*I will be inserting a video here very soon

I managed to work upto a 15kg plate for 3 full sets after a few weeks but my ABS (lower, upper and sides) have been beaten up each time. This is one of my favourite current moves and the hanging element helps me to kill two birds with one stone (non vegan proverb). I usually try to hang daily to help my shoulder health and to help recovery from squatting every session.

Give this a try and let me know how your ABS feel after 6-8 weeks. If you want to make some serious midsection gains then I recommend doing this as part of the whole GO HARD method (so include the two moves prior to working out as well as this workout finisher).

Get some GAINS.


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