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The beauty of social media is that we can all share ideas, insights, things or people who inspire us and the occasional selfies. Many of you in the past have enjoyed things I only sometimes share like meals and book recommendations. So I’ve compiled this post as a wholesome list of books and people who inspire me to be better.
From books, podcasts to great strength coaches, these are my recommendations.
Let’s start with books because I’ve always had a good response when posting my book stack or current reads.



1) The Art of Living – Epictetus
It’s part of human nature to be wondering about he bigger stuff, we can all get so caught up in the smaller day-to-day stuff that we begin to think, this can’t possibly be it? Epictetus, an Ancient Greek philosopher wrote this timeless classic and tries to help you get a grip. I absolutely loved this book and will always flick back into it when I need some reassurance.
2) Unlearn 101 – Humble the Poet
It was only natural for me to suggest this one next. It’s essentially a modern-day version of the first book – the art of living. Written in a conversational style with plenty of F bombs to help us young’uns relate. One of the great things I’ve picked up from this is not to sweat the small stuff. Oh and the fact that it’s all small stuff. A great read.
3) Never Let Go – Dan John
Dan John is a world-renowned strength coach and has a ton of amazing articles and books. His writing style is a joy to read and he does an amazing job of offering stories from his past and real life experiences to emphasise his points. This book is a must for anyone interested in great writing and lifting. He inspired me a huge deal to take up writing more, I do love to write for you guys.
4) Squat Everyday – Matt Perryman
Matt Perryman in this book does a great job of taking complex ideas used by the Bulgarians to dominate the sport of weightlifting some decades ago and turning them into simple but science-backed pages of intrigue. This book sold me on the idea of high frequency training and I had success with the squat everyday routine too. I’ll talk about my experiences of squatting heavy daily soon. But until then if you’re open to different styles of training and bored of international chest days on monday then give this a read and flip your lifting world upside down.
5) Total Recall – Arnold Schwarzenegger
This book is an honest account of the eventful life of the inspiring Arnold. He’s kind of the father of lifting and bodybuilding so anyone who touches a dumbbell is pretty much a fan boy. Reading this you’ll learn the importance about hard work and reps.
6) Mens Health Big Book of Exercises – Mens Health
This book is filled with over 600 exercises and will help you change-up your training.
7) Meat is for Pussies – John Joseph
This book is a true gem, loaded with facts, F bombs and stories from John Joseph eventful life. Definitely worth a read.


Joe Rogan Experience (for real interviews with huge stars, the king of podcasts).
Barbell Shrugged (if you’re interested in lifting and super strong people and personalities then this is for you).
British Asian Podcast (I love to hear about people’s lives and Sat Mann creates a relaxed environment allowing people to open up and share their stories, I guess I can relate more as they’re all British Asians too).
Tim Ferris Podcast (I love this guy, his self experiment mindset and his books are great too).
It’s also great to listen to Les Brown, Napoleon Hill or any radio debate while you work. I like the big debate on the BBC Asian Network every morning.

Check out these Instagram pages:

Just look at the speed at which this guy squats 220kg. I don’t need to say anything else.
A strength coach and elite level powerlifter who shares amazing knowledge and insights.
Bradley Martyn inspires me through his content creation. You have to be unique to be heard/seen in the fitness industry.
Former Olympic level weightlifter and ABSOLUTE BEAST.
Find out all of the latest vegan news here.
This page is dedicated to impressive lifts. Call it a preworkout boost page.
Bronze medalist at the Rio 2016 games, this weightlifter is simply A JOY to follow. He does insane stuff with barbells. Amazing follow.
Squat everyday advocate and insanely strong.

These YouTube channels are what I keep up with daily:

For the best of NFAK (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan):
For some beautiful Indian classical music:
Some of my all time favourite videos:
This will make you a Vegan Gains fan lol –

I’m a huge fan of documentaries too, check these out:

Cowspiracy (the animal agriculture industry)
Bigger Stronger Faster (all about steroids)
Anything by Louis Theroux
Anything by David Attenbourough
Anything by Ross Kemp
Living on one Dollar (giving you perspective)
Going clear: Scientology
Religulous (all about religions)
Pumping Iron (all about biceps)
I am (this one is inspiring)
Most of these can be found on Netflix.

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