Now a Myprotein Ambassador

I’m now a MyProtein ambassador! 
Those of you who know me will know I’m not huge on supplements. I use them, sure. But I’m not excited by the latest pre workout and vitamin l24 which will give me this and that. 
I stick to the basics and have done for years. I even had unflavored whey until I became vegan. I kept my stack small and around what works – whey protein (or equivalent vegan shakes now), creatine monohydrate and ZMA have always made up the base of the stack I’ve used. I’ll sometimes add in glutamine, BCAA’s, greens and other things based on how things are going or just experimenting.
On a side note, is a fantastic resource to see the quality and credibility of supplements. It’s where you should do a quick search before buying anything.
I’ve been using Myprotein before most knew about the company. It was introduced to me through my cousin, who was my inspiration and I guess the pouches stuck in my head. They were different at the time to say the least. They were very much the new kid on the block when I tasted my first unflavored whey protein. We’re talking summer 2009. 
Having used one companies supplements for so long it was a real honour to receive an email about becoming an ambassador. To be recognised for what you do and the input you have is amazing and to be recognised by a company you’ve been pretty loyal to is even cooler! 
They now have a range fit for vegans and are branching out into amazing fitness clothes which I had even before becoming afiliated. Really, they have a range of supplements so big you could get lost in their website.

My current stack: 


Vegan blend – An earthy blend of proteins for vegans. I love the taste of this in my orange juice not from concentrate. A great way to add protein and carbs to a meal (not to forget vitamin c).

Fermented BCAA – A great addition for vegans as we tend to lack the amino acid leucine. It’s also suited to me as I workout on an empty stomach in the mornings.
Instant Oats – A convenient way to get in some quality carbs and fibre. I love the fact that it’s powdered good quality oats and the same price as branded rolled oats in supermarkets.
Soya Isolate – A great tasting and rich vegan protein powder. This is something I have as a treat and/or when I need to bump up protein intake.  
Creatine Monohydrate – The undisputed king of supplements for people interested in strength, muscle, energy and endurance. I take 5g a day with my BCAA pre workout.
Check out this link and see what I recommend! –

Yes I now have a page on the Myprotein website where you can see the supplements I recommend, how cool is that!?

I have a discount code which you can use for 10% off your order. It’s ASF10. Keep in mind you can usually find better discount codes and offers just by looking through their homepage.

Being approached by many these days it’s very important for me to associate with those who I believe in. Imagine loving a brand, using their products and recommending to others based on their quality. Then having an opportunity to be affiliated with them, I really can’t help making this sound cheesy but it was a good feeling. 
Once again you can click here to see the supplements I recommend. 

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