15 Fun Ways to Workout at Home

The gym too much trouble to get to? Now you’ll have to come up with another excuse! Fortunately for you your workouts can be done from the comfort of your own living room. Here’s 15 fun ways to workout at home.

1. Stair Shuttles

Providing you don’t live in a bungalow, this is accessible to all. Walk up and down it 20 times first thing in the morning to kick-start metabolism.

2. Assisted Squats

Whilst lightly holding onto your dining chair, perform squats whilst on your toes. This will allow you to go deeper and put your dining table meals in perspective!

3. Sofa Sit-ups

With your feet tucked comfortable under your family couch, drop and give me 10 sit-ups. Repeat until you’ve earned that recliner!

4. The Room Run

Starting with your bedroom, complete 5 burpees in each and every room in your house. Lets face it, it’s all about having some fun, WOHOO! This can work for almost any exercise imaginable.

5. Downtime = Get Down Time!

Whilst you lazing around on your floor, sofa watching TV or doing whatever it is mere humans do. Drop and give some effort towards something you are trying to improve on. If its core, hold a plank for as long as possible as many times as you can in the day. Before you know it that weakness will be your strength and sitting through call of duty loading screens just won’t be acceptable any more.

6. Procrastinator Eradicator

Ever had a ton of things on your to do list and find yourself searching the newest trends on YouTube. For every time your switch off the list drop and give me 20 press-ups. That’ll teach you.

7. Desktop DOMS

For those of you who workout and know the feeling of Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness (DOMS), you’ll appreciate any tips to reducing soreness. Whilst at your desk do simple arm rotations, wrist rotations and further more to help blood flow. Nothing like sitting around for hours on end to stay sore for longer!

8. Table Triceps

For that killer arm strength, get down on a sturdy table and hit some tricep dips. This can also be done on a sofa/chair. Working around dinner furniture helps you appreciate meal times.

9. Corridor Course

For those of you with a hallway or corridor (most of you, don’t try to get out of this one), aim to do three large standing jumps as far as you can. This is a great way to measure up and face your siblings. Jumping is great for power and heaps of fun.

10. Chore for Core!

Most of us have dreaded doing house chores. Looking at each activity like a fat burning move helps loads! You will look at your shiny windows and spotless floors differently when your veins are popping through your skin. Stop leaving all of the fat burning benefits for your mother.

11. Garden Growth

When was the last time you enjoyed some outdoor time in your garden? Depending on the size of your garden do laps or lengths with your favourite book. Not only will you speed through your book, by the time you’ve turned over the last page your pedometer will be in the thousands.

12. Furniture Fat burning

Moving furniture is a functional movement. No house to move to? No problem. Grab something manageable like a small table or box and do some laps around your house climbing up and down. This will work muscles you never thought you had!

13. Door Double

Door frames are great, right angles and all. Use the top of the door frame to gently stretch your shoulders and back. The sides can be used for pushing, much like a vertical press-up. The doors can also double up as shoulder savers. Perform 10 repetitions of ‘Opening and closing doors’.

14. Nature Madness

When nature calls, sprint to the furthest bathroom rather than going the easy route. *I take no responsibility for any wet patches left on your carpet.

15. Sitting Duck

Whilst vulnerable to attack from low blood pressure and already in the boredom zone, put on your favourite song and go wild for a few minutes. If the beats gets too overpowering you may want to stand up and go all out. Just make sure your webcam isn’t accidentally on otherwise somebody out there will have some great content for ‘World’s Craziest Fools’.


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