20 Facts About Me

1) I had my first weightlifting injury at the age of 7 whilst showboating with a dumbbell at home. I lifted it above my head, fell back and my finger was crushed and cut open. The scar left will be with me for life.

2) I turned vegetarian in the early months of 2013 when my brother challenged me thinking I wouldn’t be able to do it. Prior to this I ate 1 – 2.5kg of meat and fish per week.

3) Besides the gym, I really love reading. Predominantly self help, motivational, fitness related books aswell as biographies.

4) I’m currently self learning the guitar.

5) Whenever I decided to take a week off the gym (strategic) I only last until wednesday! By the third day I officially have nothing else to do.

6) I once ate 12 eggs a day for a whole week. On the 7th day I vomitted so much, I could swear 84 eggs came out. YUCK!

7) There hasn’t been a day in the last 4 years that I haven’t listened to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

8) I can’t remember the last time I used hot or warm water for showering. I have been using cold water ever since I realised it’s benefits.

9) The maximum weight I have thrown overhead is 90kg (push press).

10) I have a PB of a 220kg deadlift.

11) Every Wednesday I train my nephew aged 4. He loves squats, situps, the cross trainer and can walk up and down the stairs on his hands whilst I hold onto his hands. He also loves wrestling and boxing with me.

12) My idols in the strength world are Paul Anderson, Franco Columbo and Dmitry Klokov.   

13) Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg were my favourite wrestlers!

14) My idols in the physique world are Lazar Angelov, Ulisses Jr and Rob Riches.

15) I love the sun.

16) I am fascinated by the history of the Punjab.

17) I was lucky enough to meet my great grandfather, I have an iconic family photograph which contains 4 generations.

18) The office (US), prison break, breaking bad and Only fools and horses are my favourite tv shows.

19) I hate lumps in my protein shakes, cats, being caught up in heavy rain and burnt food.

20) I run another blog sharing fitness information and Inspiration.  Check it out – www.factsonfitness.com

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