Azad Singh Promo Voiceover

When was the last time you decided to improve yourself?
To take up a challenge – either physical or mental?
I often quote to people my favourite saying:
‘You either go through life or grow through life’.

I chose to take charge of my life.
I’m Azad Singh and 6 years ago I made a conscious decision to change for the better.
I entered the gym and began working on my body.
I wanted to put an end to the teasing
…and feel better about myself.

I was encouraged by an overly keen dad, and at first I didn’t enjoy it.
But I kept exercising and soon I began to understand the benefits.
It taught me hard work pays off
And with my improving physique came healthy living and confidence.

Since then I’ve created personal goals, achieved them and found new ones.
It involved a lot of hard work and dedication
And the reward – the feeling of being in control of my life
…the satisfaction is totally worth it.

I sculpted my body like a piece of art
And I pushed myself – studying health, fitness, nutrition to become a personal trainer.
Now I want to help others achieve their goals,
And gain the benefits that have empowered me to succeed.

So – do YOU want to go through life or grow through life?
Time will pass regardless, we all grow older.
But you can be the star of your show.
Take that step forwards today – I’ll show you the way to a better you.

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