My First Ever Photo & Video Shoot

New years day 2015 I woke up with an urge to go for my goals. I knew I wanted to get further into personal training, the idea of it however was always put off. January 1st I woke up and sat for 2 hours on my bed jotting down what I needed to do and a temporary pricing strategy. I knew I’d need to put loads of content together to launch and run this site. So I got in contact with a photographer I’d worked with previously on a totally different project.

Juggy (WedShot & MisterPhoto). Juggy himself is also into the gym, has a passion as strong as mine and he’s a fantastic, professional photographer. I didn’t hesitate in getting in touch and throwing him a few ideas. A date was set and he was more than happy to do something fitness related. Can’t say I was nerve free, but once I’m under the spotlight with my abs out, I’m pretty comfortable.

The setting for the first part of the shoot was Wedshot Studios in the heart of Birmingham City Centre.


There wasn’t much done in the way of preparation. I’m pretty lean year round, and I wanted the shots to look as natural as possible. So no water depleting, no potassium overload or starving carbs. We had planned to do the couple of hours required in the studio to get a variety of shots and then move onto a gym and get some shots in a more raw setting.

Here are some RAW shots from the day.


We then moved onto another setting – a gym. Hardcore Gym in Smethwick, a raw and bodybuilding gym would accomodate our next photo shoot and a dramatic, inspiring video promo. I set up a series of exercise I would perform and went through it like I would a normal workout. Juggy the photographer did his thing, recording and taking snaps as needed whilst the Gym owner Dal was helping with the equipment and weights whilst getting snapshots for us to use on social media etc.

The process was fairly simple but VERY tiring! All in all shooting lasted around 6 hours. That’s 6 hours of ‘show me some more abs’ and ‘tense more’. I’ve never experienced posing for such long periods and after the 5th hour cramping was starting to settle in. Probably not a good idea to go for a long shoot unprepared in terms of food.

Overall the shoots went amazingly well. Here is the link to the FULL HD video promo –

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