The Importance of GPP

There were some terrible winds in Telford two/three weeks ago causing tiles to be completely blown off some of my dad’s tenants’ houses! With all roofers busy, me and my dad had to do the job ourselves because of potential water damage, so I’ve been busy with an emergency roof job. Apologies to all clients for the lack of contact or delay in some cases.

For two weeks I haven’t had proper access to my computer (my work) or my gym – I’ve been twice in the last 15 days. Game over right? NO!


Just wanted to pick up on a point, general physical preparedness (GPP) is where athletes work on very functional moves to improve general conditioning. Farmers walks and sled pushes are good examples.

Lets look at the actual definition:

General Physical Preparation, also known as GPP, lays the groundwork for later Specific Physical Preparation, or SPP. In the GPP phase, athletes work on general conditioning to improve strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, structure and skill. (Wikipedia).

An interesting take:

GPP is about being healthy.  Period. We believe the only worthy reason to exercise and eat right is so that we can lead richer, fuller lives.  Lives not limited by capacity and/or self-induced disease.  Get your workout in and go home.  Go be a human.  Do things that interest/edify you.  Let your exercise enable you to contribute to your family, your loved ones, your community and/or society in more positive ways.  (from

What are you training for? Unfortunately these days most people are training for an Instagram photo.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m after the look also, but I focus more on the functioning of a healthy body able to wrestle, play football, lift and do anything I please.

I’m proud of what I can do in the gym but in the real world it means very little (especially the curls). The building site is about as functional as it gets! A farm, where my ancestors from is another great example – consistent manual labour (elbow grease)!

I had to abandon all plans, routines, even gym for the two weeks or so and counting. Luckily I’m lifting things up ladders, doing plenty of real life lifting and bending in all kinds of positions too.

My point is be prepared for anything in life (mentally and physically). No point being a ‘beast’ and getting out of breath climbing ladders or not being able to hammer all day because of the forearm burn. If you’ve ever moved house and carried things up and down stairs all day that’s a very different stimulus to the gym but it’s just as taxing and it’s real life!

I’m certainly not saying become builders. Don’t be all show and no go. Train for a purpose.

4 things to take away from this:

  • Workout for the benefits to your life outside the gym. Don’t make the workouts your life.
  • Don’t worry if your routine has a setback. You’ll be back on top of things in no time.
  • Looks will fade. Be more than just a pretty picture on Instagram.
  • Change is inevitable in life and we’re all victim to routines. Don’t go unprepared.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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