Why I Turned Vegan


So recently I turned Vegan. It came as a gradual process, I turned Vegetarian 4 years ago for similar reasons.

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.


Here’s why I took the step to Veganism:

1) I could never see an animal killed (even as meat eater a few years ago). If you can’t kill or be present at a slaughter don’t subscribe to people killing and placing meat in a pretty plastic container for you.

2) By the same rationale as point 1 –  I couldn’t see animals in pain or distress.  Cows have their baby calves stripped away from them at birth so we can drink their milk (and whey protein). Farming and breeding animals like we own them for our own selfish needs,  I don’t agree with this. #alllivesmatter

3) To live a life of compassion and caring.  Every pound we spend,  we vote for something.  A pound spent on chicken or eggs means you accept killing of animals for our needs. I don’t vote for exploitation of our planet or other species we share it with.

Many times people approach vegans as extreme and hypocritical. ‘Yeah but you have a leather belt, you have leather shoes’. To me personally it’s about minimising my impact on the planet and I feel the biggest way to do that is by diet and lifestyle, it certainly isn’t by having a bag for life and an energy saver lightbulb. If you haven’t seen Cowspiracy yet (documentary on Netflix) what are you waiting for?

4) To further cement my name in the fitness industry as a vegan badass.  No sugar-coating here,  this one is totally about business and probably selfish.  It’s a fantastic unique selling point to have and completely in tune with my thinking of proving myths wrong and being unique.  The fitness industry is shocking and filled with babbling heads,  not claiming to be a saviour but dispelling myths and bringing the truth is what I like to do. You can build the body you want and get super strong without drugs,  meat or dairy (yes that includes whey protein).

5) To live consciously, to stand for something. If you’re on here reading this,  you’re part of the privileged population on the planet.  You can make choices based on logic and reason.  What if I told you:  you could save animals,  water,  food,  make gains in the gym,  be healthier, be stronger, have better sex,  save the planet and severely reduce your chances of dying from a chronic disease… what is stopping you? #think #cowspiracy #compassionatemuscle



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