These Sikh Athletes Inspire Me

When I began working out back in 2007 I can’t really say I had many people to look upto (I just wanted to be like my chacha). There certainly wasn’t a YouTube and Instagram platform as big as it is today with #fitfam and pages like @sikhmuscle doing a great job to inspire daily. Here’s a compilation of Sikh athletes that inspire me. Follow for gains! 



A doctor who posts super cool content to keep you fit, mobile and healthy.

barefootdocsWhat to expect: Inspiring quotes, techniques to self recover from pain and some insightful captions.




Inderraj Singh is a strong guy! He competes in drug free powerlifting and has very impressive 5k and 10k times too!


What to expect: Great squats and a very inspiring and strong SINGH!




Gurpreet Kaur has made a huge name for herself in the community with her home workouts and calisthenics work, she’s doing an amazing job to get ladies fit.

fitness-kaurWhat to expect: Bodyweight moves with just about any nearby apparatus she can find including manje and a daring and confident Singhni.




Indy is hands down the strongest pound for pound guy I’ve had the privilege of meeting, having reached the elite level in weightlifting his record speaks volumes.

indykfitWhat to expect: Insane squats (although I’m sure nothing compared to what he was doing whilst competing), the throwing of huge weights overhead in various ways and a chiseled physique.




Jasjeet is a bearded beast, not sure how else to describe him.

jassa84What to expect: Big deadlifts, bigger doleh and even bigger laughs (his profile doubles up as gym motivation and punjabi humour).




Ravleen is a qualified dietitian and does an amazing job on her Instagram of providing a range of content from workout videos to informative captions to meal ideas. Worth a follow!


What to expect: Lots of colourful ideas for the kitchen and plenty of facts, tips and videos to make for a diverse page.




It’s one thing throwing weights around but a completely different sensation throwing other people around! Jessy is a national wrestling champion and kabaddi player too, both of which I have previous experience and huge interest in.

jessy-sahotaWhat to expect: Some insane successful raids (kabaddi), heavy lifting and plenty of conditioning work because wrestling isn’t easy.




Beant Kaur is another Singhni on the block! Another sister doing a great job getting the ladies from star plus to star jumps.

kaurstrengthWhat to expect: A great home setup in her garage (very inspiring), bodyweight exercises in some beautiful locations and also info about her seminars. Eagerly awaiting the back flip 🙂




Mansher, someone I helped bring over to the UK for Jiu-Jitsu seminars is a great role model for our youth. He’s a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been working under legendary Marcelo Garcia.

mansher-kheraWhat to expect: dense, functional muscle and amazing rolling ability. He rolls with the big boys including Conor Mcgregors training partner/coach Dillon Danis.





Looking at this veer the first word that comes to mind is GABHRU. The guy was born a beast, don’t believe me? Scroll until you reach his pic aged 16 – #lifegoals lol.

theironneverliesWhat to expect: Tree trunks lifting tree trunks. Heavy ass squats and some crazy overhead strength too.




@OnkarSiingh (fitnesssingh)

I really want this brother to be the first Singh in crossfit, that’ll be epic! He’s strong, athletic and it’s been amazing to see his journey.

onkarWhat to expect: Lot’s of crazy exercises you’ve never seen before and toying around with BIG weights.





Prabhdeep Kaur is a Canadian weightlifter from the Lions weightlifting club (a club you should check out too). She’s incredibly strong and you know you’ve made it when @hookgrip get your pic!

  pksWhat to expect: Prabhdeep is very focused and a sister who’s throwing up squat worthy weights above her head. Let’s get behind her to get to that top-level. 



To all of you, thank you, stay strong and keep inspiring.


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